Delaware Nation Early Childhood Center Groundbreaking Ceremony, 10:00 am March 3, 2018



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Welcome to the website of the Delaware Nation, North America’s Oldest Indigenous Nation. If you are coming here to learn more about the heritage and story of the Delaware please stay a while. If you are Lenape and need to use our online services, this website is our online front door.

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... the Grandfathers

We, the Delaware Nation, whose aboriginal name is Lenape or Lenni-Lenape, also known as the Grandfathers, is the oldest Nation in the Northern Hemisphere, aboriginally inhabiting the Eastern Seaboard of North America, the first indigenous Nation to treat with the United States of America (September 17, 1778, 7 Statute 13: Brotherton Reservation), consummating a total of one  (1) treaty with the United States of America and descending from the Cape Girarddeau Spanish Land Grant Area, invoking the guidance of the Almighty Creator with faith in the purposes of our Supreme Being with pride in our ancient heritage and with the determination to promote, through our united effort, the general well-being of our Nation and to secure unto our Nation and Nation’s descendants the rights, powers and privileges provided by the laws of the Delaware Nation and the laws of the United States of America.

What’s New

Help Jamie Martin Beat Cancer

Go Teal For Jamie! There is no medicine like HOPE, no incentive so great as FAITH and sometimes STRENGTH comes in numbers! Please join us and GO TEAL for Jamie Martin and family, because when someone has cancer the whole family and everyone who loves and cares for...

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Become the Next Delaware Nation Princess

It's that time of year again!  This past year has been an exciting and busy year for our Delaware Nation Princess.  Let me encourage all young ladies between the ages of 15-22 to apply for Princess and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to represent Delaware Nation.  There...

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Making News: The Water Gap: Return to the Homelands

The Water Gap: Return to the Homelands has been making news around the country. In Scranton, PA, Eyewitness News ran a story about local tribe members and their journey in the documentary. Click here to view the story about this powerful documentary. Delaware...

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Changes To School Incentive Program Announced

In September 2016, Delaware Nation Executive Committee approved changes to the school incentive program to encourage Delaware Nation youth to strive for academic excellence. It is important to know that the funded amount for this program did not change. The updated...

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