Cultural Preservation Office

Cultural Preservation

The mission of the Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation Department is to preserve the culture, language, history, ancestral lands, sacred sites, objects of cultural patrimony, materials, and objects possessing ongoing cultural significance to the Delaware Nation through education, communication and consultation with local, state, federal agencies and organizations in the Delaware Nation 17 state area of interest.

The programs under the guidance of the Department are: *Section 106 * NAGPRA * Princess Program * Culture Events * Language * Museum * * Library * Gift Shop * GIS/GPR


Title Name Contact Information
Department Director Nekole Alligood
Assistant Director
Corey Smith
Section 106 Manager Jason Ross 1181 direct: 405-247-8903
Clerk Raekel Maldonado-Burris 1182
GIS/GPR Manager
Ileana Houston
Culture Events Manager Nick Logan
1180 direct: 405-247-8901
Library/Gift Shop Manager Gina Wooster 1196
Archives Assistant Darren Hill 1407
Language Instructor Lauryn French 1406

Language Class

Mission: the preservation of the Lenape language through practice & use of innovations & modern language learning practices. The Language Program is open to all ages.

Instructor: Ms. Lauryn French, Language Assistant
Dates: TBD
Location: Delaware Nation Court House.

Subjects covered:

  • Greetings & Pronunciation
  • Common Phrases: Nouns, Numbers, & Colors

    For more info contact Lauryn French

    405-247-2448 or at

Princess Program

Mission: To represent the Delaware Nation at formal events, including traditional dances, parades, & public forums by a female youth who symbolizes the continued cultural legacy of the Lenape people while providing a positive role model in a continuously changing world.

2014 Delaware Nation Princess Debbie Eckiwaudah

Section 106

Mission: to preserve the Delaware Nation cultural, historic, & sacred sites through communication & agreements with federal agencies & entities receiving federal monies for projects within the Delaware Nation sixteen (17) state area of interest.

Program Manager: Mr. Jason Ross
Projects Consulted on for 10/2013:
No. of Companies Consulted: States consulting with: 17
For more info: 405-247-8903 or

G.I.S ~ G.P.R.

Mission of the Delaware Nation Geographic Information System (GIS) is to provide accurate reliable geographic information through responsive and innovative GIS services

Program Manager: Ms. Ileana Houston
Contact Info: 405-247-2448 x1408

Contact Information:
Delaware Nation
NAGPRA/Cultural Preservation
P.O. Box 825
Anadarko, OK 73005
Phone: 405-247-2448
Fax: 405-247-8905

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