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It’s that time of year again!  This past year has been an exciting and busy year for our Delaware Nation Princess.  Let me encourage all young ladies between the ages of 15-22 to apply for Princess and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to represent Delaware Nation.  There truly is nothing like holding the title, responsibility, humility and service to community that a year’s reign can be compared to.  It is valuable and something that you carry with you throughout your entire life.  I understand because I was Delaware Nation Princess in 1989-90.  My name is Melanie Watkins-Quiver and I am the Princess Program Coordinator.  I am responsible for making sure that the Delaware Nation Princess is involved in Cultural activities, classes, events, powwows and speaking engagements.  No worries, if you’re shy, you will eventually come out of your shell (pun intended).  Please apply!

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Sariah Taylor Pemberton

Sariah Taylor Pemberton

Delaware Nation Princess

Sariah was born in Lawton, Oklahoma on September 28, 2000.  She was born into the Turtle Clan of the Lenape Tribe through her Grandmother Anne Watkins Pemberton, whose mother is Marvine Watkins Parton, whose mother is Stella Ellis Parton, whose mother is Annie Possum.  She is very proud of her Lenape heritage.  Sariah is a freshman at Anadarko High School and is very proud to be an Anadarko Warrior.

Her interests include music and art: She loves music and plays the flute and marches in the Anadarko High School marching band.  Recently the Anadarko intermediate and High School band went to Putnam City for a competition and there she won Judges Choice and received a Superior rating for their performance.  Sariah also enjoys art.  She loves to draw and paint.  She is also very interested in learned new art skills.  Sariah enjoys going to art museums to look at the different forms of art, one of her favorite artists is Chihuly who uses glass to make art.

Sariah is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where she actively participates in their youth group; she serves as the secretary to her young women’s class.  When she graduates from High School her plan is to serve an 18 month mission for her church.

Sariah participated in helping to build the tribal Longhouse with her Great Uncle, Mike Watkins.  She enjoys learning about her culture and considers herself very blessed to have spent a lot of time with her Great Grandmother, Marvine Watkins who told her a lot about her childhood and what it was like growing up Lenape.  Her Grandmother Anne Pemberton knows how to make all of the traditional Lenape regalia including the moccasins; she is also teaching her and one day she hopes to pass that onto her children.

One of her future goals is to learn the Lenape language and to speak it fluently.

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