Go Teal For Jamie!
There is no medicine like HOPE, no incentive so great as FAITH and sometimes STRENGTH comes in numbers! Please join us and GO TEAL for Jamie Martin and family, because when someone has cancer the whole family and everyone who loves and cares for them does too. Together we are strong! For a $5.00 donation, you can GO TEAL for JAMIE!

Go TEAL for JAMIE TEAL BAND Fundraiser and Cervical Cancer Awareness!
$5.00 donation requested, but more or less will also be appreciated. All proceeds will go to our co-worker and Delaware Nation Tribal Member Jamie Martin, recently diagnosed with stage-3 cervical cancer and is currently undergoing aggressive chemo and radiation treatment in Oklahoma city. Jamie is a wife, mother, daughter , sister, aunties and amazing friend. Please send with her and offer your HOPE, FAITH, and STRENGTH with the purchase of a teal awareness band available at the Delaware Nation Tribal Complex.