The mission of the Delaware Nation Cultural Resources Department is to preserve the culture, history, ancestral lands, and sacred sites, objects of cultural patrimony, materials, and objects possessing ongoing cultural significance to the Delaware Nation. Our department conducts meaningful government to government consultation with local, state, federal agencies, and organizations in the Delaware Nation’s 18 state area of interest to achieve this goal.

The Cultural Resources Department of the Delaware Nation is committed to the preservation and protection of our history. Through Section 106 reviews, consultation, and monitoring, we can protect our lands of tribal interest from physical destruction and or damage, our sacred sites such as cemeteries and ceremonial locations, and the flora and fauna of historic importance to our tribe. Our office focuses on the historic oversight of 18 states, 6 of which our oversight encompasses the entire state while we oversee specific counties in the remaining 12 states. Our purpose is to protect archaeological sites which might contain burials and associated funerary objects.

It is the mission of the Delaware Nation’s Cultural Resources Department to protect, preserve, and perpetuate our story so future generations may continue to pass on the rich history and culture of the Delaware people. The programs under the guidance of the Department are: Section 106 reviews of all federal projects, our Archives, Library, Museum & Gift Shop.

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Kim Penrod

Kim Penrod

Director of Cultural Resources (Section 106. Archives, Library, and Museum)

Section 106 Program

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) required Federal agencies to take into account the effect of their undertakings on historic properties, and afford the Advisory Council of Historic Preservation a reasonable opportunity to comment.

The funding of the program comes directly from the Cultural Preservation Budget (Section 106). It is supported by no federal monies, however, requests for additional assistance may be submitted and approved by the Executive Committee, at their discretion. 

Tribal consultation is required in all steps of the Section 106 process when a federal agency undertaking may affect historic properties that are either (1) located on tribal lands, or (2) when any Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization attaches a religious or cultural significance to the historic property, regardless of the property’s location.

When an undertaking occurs on tribal land, the federal agency must notify appropriate Indian tribes of the undertaking and give those tribal groups the opportunity to consult, should they wish to do so. Consultation should be conducted in a manner recognizing the unique government to government relationship that exists between the federal government and tribes, should be respectful of tribal sovereignty, and should be sensitive to the concerns and needs of the Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization.

If they agree that there will be no adverse effect, the agency proceeds with the undertaking and any agreed-upon conditions.  If they find that there IS adverse effect, or if the parties cannot agree and ACHP determines within 15 days that there is an adverse effect, the agency begins consultation to seek ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate the adverse effects.  

The Delaware Nation Section 106 Program, under tribal sovereignty, does require charging consultation fees.  These fees we collect go back into the Cultural Preservation department to maintain cultural activities, classes, materials as well as administrative fees and maintenance of the Delaware Nation.

Kim Penrod

Kim Penrod

Section 106 Manager

Language Program

Mission: To provide Lenape Language Learners with a comprehensive program through application of modern language learning practices in an environment rich with Lenape teachings, community, and resources.

Vision: Produce Fluent Delaware Nation Lenape Language Speakers.

Delaware Nation began language preservation efforts during the 70’s with tribal elders from the Anadarko community. This initial project created a vast amount of recordings that has since been our primary resource for many language projects. Continuous efforts through the decades have provided classes and built resources for Delaware Nation Citizen with hopes of producing Lenape language speakers. In this last decade Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation has made greater strides to preserving our language with implementing weekly lessons throughout the year and seeking grants to expand towards more outreach.

He Lenapeok (Hello Lenape People)! Ntiluwensi (my name is) Lauryn French and I am the Lenape Language Coordinator for Delaware Nation. Our Language program has been working immensely in the local area to build a structural foundation that will be viable for the future of all Lenape Language Learners. Moving into my third year at Delaware Nation I have been making strides to build a quality foundation by utilizing existing language resources such as tapes, documentation, and previous lessons. My most effective resource has been from fellow Delaware Nation Lenape Speakers who are Gladys Yackeyonny, Juanita Pewenofkit, Judith De La Rosa, Nicholas Logan, and the late Johnathan Hoag. This group of Delaware Nation Citizens collectively has donated countless hours to the Lenape Language Program and I am truly thankful for their guidance and support.

Recently our language program has been awarded a grant from the Cultural Resource Fund to increase Lenape Language Outreach. I will be working on three projects this coming year that will be made available to all Delaware Nation Citizens. The first project that will be made available is a Lenape Language Calendar with the following projects being book related. I am excited for the upcoming year and the stepping stone that it will provide for our future Lenape Language Learners.

The funding of the program comes directly from the Cultural Preservation Budget (Section 106). It is supported by no federal monies, however, requests for additional assistance may be submitted and approved by the Executive Committee, at their discretion.


The Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation Archives Program is to acquire and maintain critical historical records, including photographs, maps, correspondence, family histories, and government documents. It also includes the digitization of language tapes and photographs.

The funding of the program comes directly from the Cultural Preservation Budget (Section 106). It is supported by no federal monies, however, requests for additional assistance may be submitted and approved by the Executive Committee, at their discretion.

Keli Ballou

Keli Ballou

Archives Assistant

Phone: (405) 247-2448 Ext. 1408

Library and Gift Shop

The purpose of the library is to meet the informational needs of the Delaware Nation as well as the surrounding community, of resources and services available to serve the recreational, informational and cultural needs of all people in this area.

Anyone who qualifies under the set policies is able to obtain a library card. The library provides over 6,000 books, magazines, newspapers, audio and video cassettes, DVD’s and other library materials. We provide Inter-Library loans through Oklahoma Library Technology Network. The library is fully automated using the Atrium Book System On-line database. All books and materials are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Each patron may check out 4 materials each and all are due in 2 weeks. The library provides public access computers on a first come, first serve basis with a 2 hour limit per day, a copy machine is also available for public use.

The Library in its mission is to fulfill the information and entertainment needs of the entire community, by maintaining a diverse collection. The library is a window to the world; however, that window may contain some books and other materials you do not want your children to read or view. The library respects your concerns, but the library is a public library. To restrict or censor materials based on the views of one person, a few persons, or guidelines of a group would violate the First Amendment rights of other with differing views and opinions. To be sure you children borrow materials you consider appropriate for them, you should accompany them to the library and select books, DVD’s, and magazines that match their reading level and interest. Your children should make decisions about what to read and what to watch with the person who knows them best – YOU. To help the library system purchase materials that you and your family might enjoy and need for research, please offer suggestions. Titles of books and other publications are invited and will assist the library staff in its mission to provide a broad range of ideas and information. They will be purchased when they are available and when it is financially possible. It is the policy of the library to maintain an up-to-date collection of standard works in all fields of knowledge, that are permanent value, plus timely materials on current issues and items in current demand.

The library does have a donation policy and is grateful for all gifts. Collections and facilities have been enriched by individuals and community organizations that have made it a practice to enhance the library with donations. The library, especially welcomes gifts of all materials, on the history of the Delaware community and region.

The library, along with the gift shop, is under the guidance of the Cultural Preservation Department. The library/gift shop welcome all to come and visit us here at the library and please browse the gift shop.

The funding of the program comes directly from the Cultural Preservation Budget (Section 106). It is supported by no federal monies, however, requests for additional assistance may be submitted and approved by the Executive Committee, at their discretion.


  • YOUTH HOODIES (Zipper & Pullover)      $20.00
  • PROPERTY OF DN BASEBALL T-SHIRTS  $22.00  (Adult  Small – 4XL)
  • ADULT T-SHIRTS    $15.00  (Delaware Nation, Bigfoot)
  • YOUTH T-SHIRTS      $10.00   (Delaware Nation, Baseball, Bigfoot)
  • ONESIES      $12.00    (Newborn, 6 Months, 12 Months)
  • DN BIGFOOT RED THROWS      $12.00
  • TURTLE TALES (Book)      $15.00
  • WATER BOTTLE      $10.00
  • BEADED EARRINGS      $30.00
  • RED DN LANYARDS    $3.00
  • BLUE DN LANYARDS     $4.00
  • BLACK SMALL DN MUG     $6.00
  • BLUE LARGE DN MUG     $10.00
  • TRIBAL SEALS    $2.00 Small,   $5.00 Large
  • RED DN WRISTLET     $13.00

Delaware Nation Presents in Association with Meridian-Arc Entertainment and Three Egos Films, the documentaries:

  • The Water Gap: Return To The Homeland    $10.00 (DVD)
  • I Stand: The Guardians Of The Water    $10.00 (DVD)
Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Librarian/Gift Shop Manager

Phone: (405) 247-2448 Ext. 1196

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